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Lightning Fast Service

Trophy Malaysia has already been providing top notch trophies and awards for more than 40 years. We offer a wide variety of products fitting for any kind of event. Our fast turnaround time ensures that every customer never fail to receive their purchase order in a timely manner. Our professionals is dedicated to providing you with superb client support, therefore you can be confident you'll obtain the best trophy for your event.

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Our designers provide FREE trophy design in 15 minutes, so you are able to see the most ideal trophy for your event or occasion. We additionally have an immense option of trophies, so you can get the best trophy for your requirements. We're a family run and operated business and honor ourselves on our premium awards and customer care. Reach out to our business right now to learn more about our services!

Huge Range of Trophies to Select From

Along with a wide variety of 10,000 different trophies to go with, you're certain to get the most suitable trophy for your needs. Whether or not you are in need of a trophy when it comes to a sporting event or a special celebration, Trophy Malaysia can provide it for you. All trophies at Trophy Malaysia are manufactured via first class quality materials, hence you can be sure that your trophy will certainly last for years ahead. Additionally, all trophies are readily available at a competitive price, so you will not need to break the bank to acquire the perfect trophy.

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Easy Steps - 100% Online!

Acrylic Trophy Supplier in

Acrylic awards are rising in popularity as they present a contemporary and attractive look that is great for almost any occasion. Trophy Malaysia offers a vast range of acrylic awards, perfect for pretty much any event or commemoration. Our acrylic awards are made from first class building materials that guarantee they are durable and durable. Our series of acrylic awards includes a wide range of shapes and sizes, so there’s something for all people. We additionally provide a range of colors and finishing coats, so you can design the most ideal award for your event.

Acrylic awards are typically given to an individual or company to reward an outstanding accomplishment. Trophies can be built from many different materials for instance, metal, wood or acrylic. The supplier of acrylic awards in is a company that provides acrylic trophies and awards. Acrylic is a building material that is made from plastics and is normally a lightweight building material. It is durable, unbreakable and heat-resistant.

An acrylic trophy supplier in can provide custom awards that are ideal for any event. Regardless of whether you are in need of a basic award for your son or daughter’s baseball match or a far more luxurious award for a crucial business event, our options of acrylic awards has the most ideal option for anyone. Our crew of skilled specialists definitely will guide you pick the best award and supply it to your door quickly and economically. With our large variety of options and fast shipping, we make certain to have the best acrylic award for your next event!

Acrylic awards are incredibly popular. It is known to be one of the most budget friendly trophies. It is also regard as the most suitable choice for long term usage. The fact that it is sleek and stylish and durable renders it a very good choice for occasions that many people join. Trophy Malaysia has already been supplying high quality awards to companies and organizations ever since the 1980s. We provide a comprehensive assortment of acrylic awards that are perfect for any event or commemoration. From smaller occasions to large conventions, we have the most suitable award for anyone!

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Easy Steps - 100% Online!

Services from Trophy Malaysia

Classes of acrylic awards

Acrylic awards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most common shape is the sphere award. The shape of a football or an orb is known for being one of the most popular trophy designs. The measurements of the awards varies, they can be very little or large. They can also be in a wide range of sizings. There certainly is a variety of acrylic awards to opt for. There are countless other styles of awards, but it is crucial to take into consideration the building materials and procedures used to manufacture them.

Just like any other form of award, acrylic awards can be customized to celebrate a memorable event or to recognize the success of a person or team. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, helping make them appropriate for any occasion. Acrylic is a long lasting material that can be engraved or touched up, rendering it a preferred choice for awards and recognition functions.

Looking out for an acrylic award supplier in ? Look no further than Trophy Malaysia! We are a trusted supplier of first class acrylic awards and can certainly guide you look for the most ideal award for your event. With more than 40 years of background in the field, we know just exactly what you require to make your next awards ceremony a success. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our solutions and the ways we can serve to help you achieve your trophy goals.

What are acrylic awards?

Acrylic awards are one of one of the most prominent kinds of awards given out today. They are built from a crystal clear plastic knowned as acrylic and can be personalized for any occasion. There are many different varieties of acrylic awards, including award sculptures, wall plaques, and platform awards. Acrylic awards are frequently utilized to recognize victories in sporting activities, students, and business. They are also a notorious selection for business award functions

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Easy Steps - 100% Online!

How are acrylic awards created?

Acrylic awards are developed by injecting fluid acrylic into a mold and mildew. The acrylic then sets, remaining a sturdy award. The area of the award can be enhanced with a range of finishes, including paint, etch, and laser print.

Acrylic awards are a wonderful alternative to classic trophy materials like glass or metal. They are produced by injecting liquefied acrylic into a mold and mildew. The acrylic then sets, leaving a solid, shining award. Acrylic is a rather latest material for awards that offers multiple perks over classic building materials. First, acrylic is extremely resilient. It can stand up to even the harshest environments with no cracking or scratching. Second, acrylic is very lightweight. This can make it very simple to transport and connect to the wall. And lastly, acrylic is very economical. This makes it an optimal option for budget-conscious purchasers.

Why is acrylic a excellent material for trophies?

Lots of people might possibly not know it, but acrylic is an impressive material for awards. It is long lasting, light in weight and inexpensive. Acrylic can be used to make wonderful and unique awards that will last for many years. Acrylic is also very quick and easy to engrave, rendering it a splendid choice for your own or business awards. Acrylic can possibly be sculpted into any type of design, rendering it right for producing original and customized awards.

Compared with awards made of metal or glass, acrylic is unbreakable and can be immediately cleaned. This material is also cheaper than other options, rendering it a popular choice for organizations on a budget. It’s also convenient to maintain, and so your award is going to look shiny and brand new for many years ahead.

“Are acrylic trophies eco friendly?”

There has been a lot of discussion currently about whether acrylic trophies may be recycled. While some state they can be recycled, some other insist the procedure is too tough and not worth the time and effort. Here is what you need to know about recycling acrylic trophies.

To start with, you ought to understand that not all varieties of acrylic trophies can be recycled. It is simplest to recycle trophies that are produced from a singular piece of plastic. In the event that your trophy is built from many different pieces of plastic, it will be more difficult to recycle.

To recycle an award made of acrylic, you will most likely require to take away all metal parts, such as screws and also pins. You may also require to take away any stickers or tags that are on the trophy. After the trophy is clean, you can toss it in your recycling garbage can.

Personalization techniques

Acrylic awards can also be individualized. There are many different sorts of awards that can be customized. Options include engraving, painting, touching up the front, and much more. This is undoubtedly a necessary aspect in putting together an unique trophy that will be treasured for many years ahead. Personalization Options Customization is a very critical part of presenting your trophies the best look and feel. Right now there are countless sorts of awards that can be personalized.

Acrylic awards are definitely a prominent preference for many different types of trophy functions. They are regularly cheaper than traditional metal awards and can possibly be customised in a variety of methods. Acrylic awards can be tailored made in color scheme, sizes and shape, among other choices. On top of that, many suppliers offer customized engraving services for acrylic awards. This helps recipients to customise their trophies utilizing a message or name.

Looking out for an acrylic trophy supplier in ? Look no further! At Trophy Malaysia, we offer a large assortment of premium acrylic awards that are suitable for any type of event. Our awards are built from tough plastic and feature an elegant, yet affordable design. Additionally, our welcoming team is available all the time to assist you find the optimal award for your next success. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our series of acrylic awards in !

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Easy Steps - 100% Online!

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