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Why Choose Trophy Malaysia?

Swift Service

Trophy Malaysia has already been providing high quality trophies and awards for more than 40+ years. We supply a huge selection of items best suited for virtually any occasion. Our quick service speed guarantees that every customer always get their awards promptly. Our staff members is dedicated to providing you with the very best client support, therefore you can be sure you'll acquire the most suitable trophy for your event.

FREE Design in 15 Mins

We offer complimentary design concept in 15 minutes, so you can visualize the most ideal trophy for your event or occasion. We additionally have a huge choices of trophies, so you can spot the ideal trophy for your requirements. We're a family run and operated business and honor ourselves on our quality items and product service. Reach out to our business right now to learn more about our professional services!

Comprehensive Choices of Trophies to Select From

By having a wide variety of 10,000 different trophies to select from, you're definitely going to come across the optimal trophy for your needs. No matter if you need a trophy for a sporting event or a special celebration, Trophy Malaysia has it for you. All trophies at Trophy Malaysia are crafted from superior materials, therefore you can be guaranteed that your trophy will certainly last for many years ahead. In addition, all trophies are available to buy at a cost effective price, thus you do not need to break the bank to have the perfect trophy.

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Simple Steps, 100% Online

Trophy Supplier in

Trophy Malaysia is the top trophy supplier in . Our trophies, medals and plaques are distinct and specially made in . We offer a selection of superior quality trophies suited for every events such as games days, marathons, and functions and also team building trophies, staff recognition awards, annual dinner events, professional events and also exhibition shows.

Anyone can buy any type of trophy, plaque or medal you require. Our premium support service allows you to personalize your trophies, medals and plaques.

To guarantee that our clients receive only the most suitable, we are frequently exploring the most up to date trophies from Trophy Malaysia. We also examine modern styles and latest things to supply the best option achievable. Our clients are usually astonished at the individuality as well as wide range of our trophy offerings.

It might perhaps take some time to find the right trophy supplier for your occasion. Let our business help you search for the best trophy, medal, or award for your function based on your goals, allocation, and schedule. Our experts will speedily narrow our 1,500+ items to 2-3 items, depending on the factors you specify. We are known for our immediate replies and 24-hour client support. Possibly you may require a very custom-made trophy or something absolutely one of a kind. Our experts can help you create something genuinely unique.

There are over 1,500 trophy product options. You are able to go for any type of medal, plaque, or trophy you need. To make sure that our clienteles get only the best, we are regularly in search of cutting-edge trophy items. Our clienteles are always ecstatic with the individuality and wide range of our trophy items.

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Simple Steps, 100% Online

Services from Trophy Malaysia

Plaque Design

Every one of our plaques or trophies is handcrafted using a diamond glossed coating. You are able to craft them to work with a variety of purposes, including preserving your corporate and business image. Our plaques and awards definitely will surpass any competition, regardless of who the recipient may be.

We are without a doubt among the most popular suppliers of plaques and awards in the area. The business has a wide selection of concepts and styles, making it convenient to look for the optimal award for any function. Plaques are a wonderful way to acknowledge achievements or honor a very special occasion. They could be customised with wording and pictures, making them absolutely unique. Trophy Malaysia provides quick, experienced service and excellent items at competitive prices.

Crystal Plaque

Crystal awards are one of the most sought-after business awards in . We offer a wide variety of these types of crystal awards with many concepts for our clients to select from. We know that our clienteles expect supreme quality, so we make certain of that all requests are delivered promptly.

Our team have been supplying crystal awards to a wide range of business clients for decades. We have more 1700 distinct crystal awards in our selection.

Crystal awards are oftentimes presented at functions to recognize exceptional achievements in many different fields. They have been around for a long time and are a prominent option for award functions.

Crystal awards can possibly be used for a variety of reasons, from business functions to individual functions. There are plenty of varieties of crystal trophies, each one with their own unique elements. When creating crystal trophies, to start with pick out the crystal that best fits your goals, and after that select a bottom to complement. Crystal plaques can be personalized to satisfy the goals of the individual or organization. They are a well-loved option for award functions and festivities thanks to their allure and versatility.

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Simple Steps, 100% Online

Custom Trophy

You are able to customise each of our awards, medals, trophies and other products. We can certainly guide you pick the most appropriate print, depending upon the product as well as the needed result. We provide a group of experts, designers and support service staff to help you, even though it’s your very first time. Contact 0123286038 for extensive trophy support service via our proficient company.

Trophy Malaysia is a business that focuses on assembly and offering customized trophies and awards. The company offers a wide variety of customization choices, giving potential clients to create exceptional awards that beautifully echo the reason and intention of the award. Trophy Malaysia also has a wide variety of products and finishing coats, so potential clients can find the optimal trophy for their requirements. On top of that, the company provides a team of experienced designers who can certainly help clienteles build a trophy that achieves their specific needs.

Acrylic Trophy

Acrylic awards are a great way to demonstrate your accomplishment while still looking magnificent. They are accessible in a range of color options, so you can select the most suitable trophy for your occasion. Acrylic awards are also really cost effective, making them a great selection for smaller sized events.

Acrylic awards are a popular solution for many events. Regardless if you are finding a quick style or an item more elaborate, there certainly is a wide selection of acrylic awards to select from. They even are available in a selection of sizes and shapes to fit almost any function. Acrylic awards could be given in gratitude of triumphes in academics, athletics, business or most other industry. They may also be put to use as awards or souvenirs.

We continue to be one of the leading suppliers of acrylic awards and plaques in . No matter if you are interested in a custom-made style or wish to view all of our other products, we have countless variations for you to select from. Take some time to explore our website and connect with us if you have any inquiries.

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Simple Steps, 100% Online

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