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Fast Turnaround Time

Trophy Malaysia has already been providing first class trophies and awards for more than 40 years. We deliver a wide variety of trophies fitting for any event. Our quick turnaround time ensures that every customer consistently receive their trophies without delay. Our power team is committed to providing our customers with the best client service, so you can be sure you'll acquire the most suitable trophy for your event.

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We provide complimentary trophy design in 15 minutes, so you can certainly visualize the flawless trophy for your event or occasion. We even have a huge option of trophies, so you can pick the ideal trophy for your needs. We're a family owned and operated firm and honor ourselves in our superior product lines plus customer care. Get in touch with our team now for more information about our solutions!

Immense Range of Trophies to Choose From

By having a wide range of 10,000 different trophies to pick from, you're certainly going to look for the perfect trophy for your requirements. Whether or not you have use for a trophy for a sporting event or a special event, Trophy Malaysia can supply it for you. All trophies at Trophy Malaysia are manufactured via superior materials, thus you can be assured that your trophy definitely will last for many years in the future. In addition, all trophies are accessible at a cost-effective price, so you don't have to break the bank to receive the most suitable trophy.

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Easy Steps - 100% Online!

Putrajaya Crystal Plaques​ Customise Trophy Plaque Awards​ Supplier

Trophy Malaysia is the top trophy supplier serving Putrajaya. Our medals, plaques & trophies are one-of-a-kind and customized around Putrajaya. We offer a diverse of quality trophies fitting for every events which includes games occasions, cross-country races, and functions and also team building awards, employee recognition awards, yearly dinner events, business functions and exhibition showcases.

Our clients can find any kind of medal, trophy or plaque you need. Our prime service lets you to personalize your medals, plaques & trophies.

To confirm that our customers receive only the very best, we are continually searching for the latest products from Trophy Malaysia. We also look at cutting-edge styles and trends to supply the best solution attainable. Our customers are truly amazed by the originality and wide range of our trophy goods.

It may take a while to determine the correct trophy supplier for your function. Let our team assist you find the best trophy, medal, or award for your function based upon your needs, budget, and schedule. Our team will effectively narrow our 1,500+ items down to 2-3 items, depending on the considerations you establish. We are known for our immediate replies and 24-hour client service. Sometimes you may need a very unique trophy or something absolutely out of the ordinary. Our professionals can assist you craft something absolutely one-of-a-kind.

There are more than 1,500 trophy product selections. You can go for any kind of medal, plaque, or trophy you need. To ensure that our customers get only the best, we are constantly looking for brand new trophy items. Our customers are always thrilled with the originality and variety of our trophy goods.

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Easy Steps - 100% Online!

A Few Of Our Awards Types in Putrajaya

Plaques Award

Each of our plaques or trophies is handmade by a diamond glossed coating. You can create them to work with a number of purposes, like keeping your business appearance. Our plaques and awards will exceed any competition, no matter who the recipient may be.

We are truly one of the most sought-after suppliers of plaques and awards serving Putrajaya. The business features a huge collection of concepts and styles, making it very easy to find the most ideal award for any function. Plaques are a great way to acknowledge successeses or celebrate a significant function. They can be personalized with text and pictures, making them totally unique. Trophy Malaysia provides quick, experienced service and superior items at economical prices.

Crystal Plaques

Crystal awards are among the most well-liked business awards serving Putrajaya. We offer a large variety of these crystal awards with a variety of concepts for anyone to pick from. We realize that our customers expect top-notch quality, so we guarantee that all of the requests are sent without delay.

Our firm have been supplying crystal awards to a large range of business clients for many decades. We have more than 1700 specific crystal awards in our collection.

Crystal awards are usually presented at functions to acknowledge great accomplishments in numerous sectors. They have been around for a long time and are a favored option for award functions.

Crystal awards can possibly be utilized for a number of reasons, from business functions to personal parties. There are many varieties of crystal trophies, each and every with their own distinct features. When making crystal trophies, before all else select the crystal that best suits your needs, afterwards select a bottom to go well with. Crystal plaques could be personalized to meet the needs of the person or corporation. They are a trendy choice for award functions and celebrations due to their aesthetic appeal and overall flexibility.

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Easy Steps - 100% Online!

Customise Trophy

You can easily customise every one of our awards, medals, trophies and other products. We are able to support you pick out the right printing process, depending upon the product and the needed outcome. We have an organization of experts, designers and service staff to assist you, even when it’s your very first time. Consult with 0123286038 for comprehensive trophy service offered by our professional team.

Trophy Malaysia is a firm that focuses on production and producing custom trophies and awards. The company offers a large variety of personalization options, making it possible for potential clients to build special awards that wonderfully demonstrate the objective and intent of the award. Trophy Malaysia also has an extensive variety of building materials and coatings, so potential clients can get a hold of the most ideal trophy with regard to their needs. Also, the company features a team of seasoned designers who are able to help customers put together a trophy that meets their precise requirements.

Acrylic Award

Acrylic awards are a perfect way to exhibit your victory while still looking magnificent. They are accessible in a selection of color tones, so you can find the most ideal trophy for your function. Acrylic awards are also pretty budget friendly, making them a perfect selection for small functions.

Acrylic awards are a well-liked choice for many events. Regardless of whether you are looking for a practical design or something more intricate, there is a comprehensive selection of acrylic awards to pick from. They also are available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit virtually any function. Acrylic awards can be given in recognition of triumphes in scholastics, athletics, organization or all other field. They can also be put to use as rewards or gifts.

We push on to be among the major suppliers of acrylic awards and plaques near Putrajaya. Whether or not you are interested in a custom-made design or wish to check out each one of our other products, we have countless variations for you to pick from. Take a while to browse through our website and talk to us if you have any inquiries.

Get the best trophy for your needs in 3 Easy Steps - 100% Online!
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