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Swift Service Speed

Trophy Malaysia has been providing top quality trophies and awards for more than 40 years. We provide a large range of items suitable for almost any occasion. Our quick turnaround time ensures that every client consistently get their order without delay. Our company is devoted to providing our clients with the absolute best customer support, therefore you can be assured you'll enjoy the most suitable trophy for your occasion.

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Our company offers free of cost design concept within 15 mins, so you can see the perfect trophy for your event or occasion. We also have a diverse option of trophies, so you can search for the best trophy for your needs. We're a family owned and operated organization and pride ourselves on our top quality merchandises and customer service. Get in touch with our business right now to get more information about our products!

Large Choices of Trophies to Pick From

With a range of 10,000 different trophies to select from, you're certainly going to look for the right trophy for your demands. No matter if you want a trophy for a sporting occasion or a special occasion, Trophy Malaysia can supply it for you. All trophies at Trophy Malaysia are developed directly from superior materials, thus you can be sure that your trophy definitely will last for decades ahead. Also, all trophies are available to buy at an inexpensive price, thus you don't need to break the bank to acquire the most suitable trophy.

Get the perfect trophy for your requirements in 3 Easy Steps, 100% Online!

Pengkalan Kundang Customise Trophy Acrylic Award​ Crystal Trophies​ Shop

Trophy Malaysia is the premier trophy supplier serving Pengkalan Kundang. Our medals, plaques & trophies are extraordinary and customised around Pengkalan Kundang. Our company provide a wide range of top-caliber trophies suitable for all occasions which includes sporting activities occasions, endurance runs, and functions as well as team building trophies, staff member recognition awards, anniversary dinners, professional events and even exhibit shows.

Anyone can pick out any sort of medal, plaque or trophy you need. Our superior professional service enables you to customise your medals, plaques & trophies.

To make certain that our client bases acquire only the best, we are endlessly exploring the most recent awards from Trophy Malaysia. We also look at brand-new concepts and latest things to provide the most ideal solution attainable. Our clienteles are often blown away at the uniqueness and variety of our trophy product lines.

It might take a while to seek out the most suitable trophy supplier for your event. Let our business help you choose the ideal trophy, medal, or award for your function based upon your needs, resources, and schedule. We will efficiently narrow our 1,500+ products down to 2-3 products, depending on the considerations you establish. We are known for our fast replies and 24-hour customer support. Every so often you may well need a very custom-made award or something truly out of the ordinary. Our experts can help you craft something genuinely one-of-a-kind.

There are over 1,500 trophy product options. You can easily pick any kind of medal, plaque, or trophy you wish. To ensure that our clienteles get only the very best, we are continually in search of new trophy products. Our clienteles are always delighted with the uniqueness and range of our trophy goods.

Get the perfect trophy for your requirements in 3 Easy Steps, 100% Online!

A Few Of Our Trophies Solutions Pengkalan Kundang

Plaques Design

Every of our plaques or trophies is handcrafted by a diamond glossed coating. You can easily design them to work with a variety of functions, including looking after your business appearance. Our plaques and awards will definitely outshine any competition, regardless of who the receiver may well be.

We are truly among the most prominent suppliers of plaques and awards serving Pengkalan Kundang. The business has a vast selection of styles and styles, making it simple to get the optimal award for any function. Plaques are a wonderful means to acknowledge achievements or commemorate a significant event. They can be individualized with words and images, making them genuinely special. Trophy Malaysia offers quick, consistent service and outstanding quality products at reasonable prices.

Crystal Plaque

Crystal awards are among the most in demand corporate and business awards serving Pengkalan Kundang. Our company provide a large range of such crystal awards with different styles for one to select from. We know that our clienteles count on top-notch quality, so we make certain of that all purchase orders are delivered without delay.

Our firm have been supplying crystal awards to a wide range of corporate and business clients for many decades. We have more 1700 distinct crystal awards within our collection.

Crystal awards are usually awarded at functions to acknowledge great achievements in different industries. They have been around for a long time and are a favored option for award ceremonies.

Crystal awards may be used for a number of purposes, from corporate and business functions to individual functions. There are countless types of crystal trophies, every with their own unique qualities. When developing crystal trophies, to start with select the crystal that best matches your needs, then afterwards pick a base to go well with. Crystal plaques could be individualized to match the needs of the person or corporation. They are a well-loved option for award ceremonies and commemorations because of their elegance and flexibility.

Get the perfect trophy for your requirements in 3 Easy Steps, 100% Online!

Customise Trophy

You are able to customize most of our awards, medals, trophies and other products. We can absolutely assist you pick out the best printing process, depending upon the item together with the chosen result. We provide an organization of professionals, designers and professional service staff to help you, whether it’s your first time. Consult with 0123286038 for all-encompassing trophy support service offered by our qualified company.

Trophy Malaysia is a company that provides services for assembly and providing customized trophies and awards. The company offers a large range of customization options, helping clienteles to put together one-of-a-kind awards that flawlessly echo the objective and intention of the award. Trophy Malaysia also has a full variety of building materials and finishing coats, so clienteles can find the optimal award with regard to their needs. On top of that, the company features a group of knowledgeable designers who can absolutely help clienteles put together a trophy that meets their precise demands.

Acrylic Award

Acrylic awards are a marvelous way to exhibit your achievements while at the same time still looking stylish. They are offered in a selection of color or textures, so you can discover the perfect award for your event. Acrylic awards are also considerably cost effective, making them a fabulous selection for smaller sized events.

Acrylic awards are a preferred option for many occasions. Regardless of whether you are finding a quick concept or an item more intricate, currently there is a comprehensive selection of acrylic awards to select from. They even come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to match practically any function. Acrylic awards can be presented in acknowledgment of accomplishments in students, sportings, business enterprise or every other industry. They may also be used as rewards or gifts.

We never cease to be among the leading suppliers of acrylic awards and plaques near Pengkalan Kundang. No matter if you have an interest in a customized concept or wish to take a look at every one of our other trophies, we have thousands of varieties for you to select from. Spend some time to browse through our website and get in touch with us if you have any inquiries.

Get the perfect trophy for your requirements in 3 Easy Steps, 100% Online!
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